School Road Publishing has an ongoing working relationship with Resene. You will find Resene content across all 3 of our current titles. 

With Resene we have kept up with new trends and the colour range available at Resene, encouraging our audience ( WOMAN, Haven and Thrive readers) - the decision-makers, passionate homemakers and DIY enthusiasts to consider Resene as their preferred paint supplier. Our innovative content has celebrated New Zealand culture, with a bit of kiwi ingenuity. Using our team of expert editorial curators, stylists and designers to create a trusted connection. Reaching an audience of affluent household shoppers.

The content we have worked on with Resene

  • Monthly colour trends - Haven 
  • Thrift Flips - Thrive 
  • Marsha’s Craft - Woman
  • Resene painted door Competitions - Haven
  • 2022 Calendar - Woman
  • Resene Blooms - Woman
  • New Zealand Artist Feature - Woman

All of this content was supported by being repurposed for the website of each magazine. These online articles were pushed through social media platforms on both instagram and facebook.