Six things to consider before diving into a heritage renovation

From Haven magazine‘s November 2021 issue. By Sharon Stephenson.

1 Check heritage restrictions
Before you buy a heritage property, check for restrictions about what you can do to it. If it’s heritage-protected, you and your architect will need to stick to the renovation guidelines.

2 Plan ahead
Don’t start without a plan. Before you pick up a sledgehammer, ensure you have a comprehensive strategy of what you’re doing and the next steps – mistakes can be very expensive to fix.

3 Start with the essentials
Start with the roof, then focus on the foundations before moving on to the walls, doors, windows and finally the interior.

4 Preserve original features
If you can, work around historical architectural elements such as stained-glass windows or arched doors. And reuse whatever you can, not only to help reduce waste but also to retain a sense of the building’s history.

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