For New Zealand women, by New Zealand women. Providing connection, inspiration, entertainment, comfort and a sense of belonging through the power of great content and storytelling.

Published monthly, WOMAN is a relatable and reliable source of information and inspiration. Our pages are filled with powerful stories, shared experiences, engaging entertainment and advice that aims to connect and empower New Zealanders. WOMAN’s content pillars include New Zealand stories, culture, food, health and wellbeing, home and garden, fashion and beauty, travel, environment, Te Reo, books, entertainment, puzzles, columnists and more. WOMAN can be found in all leading bookstores and supermarkets across New Zealand.

WOMAN offers a fresh perspective that truly reflects and resonates with New Zealand women today. It’s a place where women are celebrated and uplifted – where you can feel like you belong. Find out more here.

Audience demographics & insights

  • 62% of our audience is aged 35 to 54.
  • 43% have one or more children living at home
  • 87% read nearly every article and 32% read WOMAN cover-to-cover.
  • 85% love that WOMAN is about, for and by New Zealand women. And three in four love the authenticity behind the brand.
  • 86% have shared a copy of WOMAN with someone else – mainly their friends or family.
  • 117 minutes is the average time primary readers spend reading. Subscribers are reading for an average of 190 minutes!

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Behind WOMAN

WOMAN is for New Zealand women, by New Zealand women. 

Susanna Andrew, EDITOR

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